Achieving Excellence Framework

Achieving Excellence in Education Framework (AEF)

We have staff on reserve ready to be deployed for projects at any given time and for schools, we have experts in Leadership, Finance, HR, Special Education, Instructional Coaching, Instruction, IT infrastructure, Safety & Security, Governance, and Compliance ready to support/guide/partner in the work.

Using our Achieving Excellence Framework (AEF), INK will customize the project to serve your needs. We have a team of Master Educators with proven track records for leading schools, developing teachers, and challenging students. Our specialists serve in all areas noted below with additional specialists ready to lead projects for all areas of Special Populations, Behavior Management, Leadership Growth (T-PESS), as well as any additional district/school needs that may arise such as bond design and implementation. Click on each Framework bubble to learn more.



INK can help audit your school in the following areas for alignment, compliance, and productivity: Policy, Curriculum, Resource Management, Safety and Security, IT Infrastructure, Professional Development and Training, Special Populations, Program Design and Implementation, HR, and Finance.



Are you in need of certified teachers for core content areas grades K-12? For specialized content areas such as CTE pathways, Foreign Languages, or Advanced/Upper level Math, English, Science, and Social Studies courses? Do you need assistance with Curriculum Design or Career Readiness? We can help. Ask us about our instructional models, staffing solutions, and support packages.


Data Driven Instruction

INK’s master educators have proven track records of assisting in the design, deployment, and progress monitoring for data driven success in the following areas: State testing, MTSS/RTI, Tier 1/2/3, Special Populations, Differentiation, and helping to close instructional gaps.


Professional Development/PLCs/ Workshops

For Teachers/Staff

Complete support for high quality instructional design and delivery with accountability modules.

For Staff development and training:

– Professional Development / Targeted Workshops

– Collaboration with the Engagement Specialists

– Virtual and/or On-Site coaching with certified Master Instructional Coaches. (Helps with student engagement, teacher   effectiveness, and social emotional well-being).

– TTESS observations and feedback or PD to help teachers understand the Look Fors for classroom SLO Growth   measure training, tracking and progress.

– Data Disaggregation and Data Driven Instruction.

PLC design based on Rick DuFours’ 4 questions


For Teachers/Staff: Birth to 3 (and PreK)

Complete design and set up for safety, security, functionality, and learning.

For Staff development and training:
-Professional Development for developmental stages (Cognitive, physical, Social emotional) with age- appropriate milestones and Checklists.

-Collaboration with the Family Engagement Specialist to support parent and child through these years and foster growth and development and community resources.

-Virtual and/or On-Site coaching with certified Master Instructional Coaches. (Helps with student engagement, classroom management, and social emotional well-being).

-Lesson planning training, PLC with Data Driven observables and targeted Calls to Action.

-CLASS or TTESS observations and feedback or PD to help teachers understand the Look Fors for classroom observations.

-Targeted help with DRDP, ASQs, CLI.

-Date Disaggregation and Data Driven Instruction.

-Support within the community for special programs as needed if needed


Observation/Feedback and Coaching

INK offers exceptional Instructional Coaching.

INK can also offer certified T-TESS and/or CLASS appraisers


Staffing, Retention, New Teacher Training

Do you need staff? Are you having trouble retaining staff? We can help. INK offers a unique solution to the growing need for teachers across the country. We have solutions to help increase your course catalog without the expense of Full Time Employees.

We can even provide consortium cost sharing options that are innovative for small to mid-size schools.

We offer an exceptional New Teacher Academy designed to meet the mission and vision of your District and give your newbies a solid foundation for leading learning in today’s diverse classrooms. Click HERE to see some of the topics covered in INK’s New Teacher Academy.


Culture, Community, and Program Design

Valuing staff.  Is your school district a place where educators want to come and stay to perfect their craft, advance their careers and make a good living for their families?

What can be done as a School community to cultivate a sense of committed belonging among everyone who is already working for your district and among those who will come to work for your school in the future?

We propose our proprietary Culture and Community growth model that builds Community within Community and helps enlarge capacity within each staff member, focusing on personal and professional goals.

People do not leave jobs where they feel valued, grown, and surrounded by like-minded colleagues. We have a unique structured model where time is dedicated monthly and built into the day to help staff design and create personal and professional goals for their continued successful futures.

Equity stance.  Does your data demonstrate that you have historically underserved populations in your community? How can you as a School community resolve to make up for those differences, knowing that educators must continue improving the learning for all students?

Questions to ponder –
Is your curriculum aligned with equity in mind? We can help lead an equity audit to make sure all populations have equitable access.

Is there intentional professional development with responsive teaching in mind? We can help customize programs/Professional Development as well as monitor authentic engagement and rigor among culturally and linguistically diverse students.

We can provide internal confidential equity audits to make sure all populations have access to academics and resources within the district and can make suggestions for the continued growth and development of the programs that are in alignment with your school’s Mission and Vision.



What is your Assessment schedule and how does it guide the work for your district/campus? Let INK support your school as you analyze the data, prepare for state exams, and close instructional gaps within your campuses.

INK also provides Special Education resources and specialists for Diagnostic Testing and targeted programming for all your District’s special populations.

Parents in Walker County, Alabama (childcare license pending) and Ouachita Parish, Louisiana: Click here to apply for Early Head Start and Head Start