Behavior Management

Public Schools are faced with challenges beyond their control, but behavior does not have to be one of them.

Behavior is Communication
All behavior students share with us is a form of communication.
Our goal is to build connections and create simple systems for students to understand. In turn, this will help students identify where their behaviors stem from, teach them ways to successfully come down from escalation and reward them for the work they are doing alongside us.

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01 Accountability

Structure. Routines. Reliability. Steadfastness.

Accountability is the core of the program. Students thrive on having structures, routines and resolute outcomes for their behaviors.

02 Relationships

Building strong relationships among staff and with students is crucial to overall success. Let us teach you our ACE program for improved campus culture.

03 Proven Systems

While PBIS and BMP (previously PASS) are not one-size-fits-all programs, they be enhanced by Ink’s innovative behavior management plan for exceptional results.

04 Individualization

Our plans are individualized to meet the needs of the district, campus, staff and students.

05 Positive Reinforcement

All three tiers of the program involve positive behavior reinforcements. Positive reinforcements are carefully considered throughout the process in order to make the most impact.

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How to Set Up a System That Works

The Innovative Network of Knowledge (INK) program will work in any school, on any campus, in any district. The difference is in the details and support provided.

Step 1
Needs Assessment

A district or campus needs assessment will be done to assess resources, systems and individual needs.

Step 2
System Creation

INK’s talented behavior specialists will collaborate with all necessary stakeholders to develop an individualized system that fits the personnel and fiscal resources of each school or campus.

Step 3
Continuous Support

INK will provide progress monitoring and support throughout the design and implementation process. We host regular meetings continued success of the program.

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Program Specifications

Tier 1:

  • School-Wide Positive Reinforcement
  • School-Wide Discipline Plan
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Implementation of the Achieving Cultural Excellence (ACE) Program
  • Campus-Wide Training and Professional Development


Tier 2:

  • Daily Positive Reinforcements
  • Daily Check-Ins With Students
  • Behavior Goal Tracking
  • Targeted Training and Professional Development


Tier 3:

  • Daily Behavior Monitoring
  • Weekly Interventions
  • Weekly Reward
  • Targeted Training and Professional Development

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