Instructional Coaching

INK can design the Teacher coaching model for the following…

  • Staffing, Retention and New Teacher Training
  • Observation / Feedback and Coaching
  • Culture, Community and Program Designs

Create profiles of thriving Teachers that outline standards for the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of great Teachers and which include professional-development plans that guide Teachers on their path to continuous improvement. Distinct profiles will be created for:

● New ● New to your school ● Career /Veteran

At each stage (New, New to your School, Career/Veteran) teachers thrive because they are purposefully grown and nurtured in their craft. INK has a proven coaching model to grow the novice teacher through a dialogical approach to student engagement, classroom environment, and social emotional well-being and accountability.

Career teachers benefit and build their capacity with one-on-one coaching sessions, too.

We believe in building teacher effectiveness and student engagement at all levels of the teacher experience.

Usually advanced or veteran teachers look for deeper coaching and want to find new and additional ways to push their students to new levels of success and achievement, often looking for project-based learning and options that move them consistently to the Distinguished dimension on the TTESS rubric.

Parents in Walker County, Alabama (childcare license pending) and Ouachita Parish, Louisiana: Click here to apply for Early Head Start and Head Start